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With five exciting and diverse adventure options to choose from there is something for everyone. Click on the monkeys below for more information on each adventure option. 

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Monkeying Around, Branching Out and High Flyer now have extended options, and an additional 2 courses can be added to your adventure. Additional courses can not be booked online, but are easily add on the day of your visit. Click on the course title for more info!

Frequently asked course questions

  • Who can climb?
    Tree Adventures is suitable for anyone 5 years+ looking for a fun, challenging and rewarding highflying experience (as long as they meet the minimum height requirement.) 
  • Adventure Option Minimum height requirement
    Tree Huggin’  1.1m
    Monkey’n Around  1.2m
    Branching Out    1.3m
    High Flyer  1.4m
    Tarzan’s Test  1.5m

    If you’re still unsure what adventure option would be most suitable for your group Tree Adventures staff have created the following recommendations: 

    Adventure Option Recommended Age
     Tree Huggin’ 5 yrs +
     Monkey’n Around  7 yrs+ 
     Branching Out 9 yrs +
     High Flyer 12 yrs +
     Tarzan’s Test 14 yrs +
    PLEASE NOTE: Whilst the minimum height requirements ultimately determine what adventure option is suitable for your group we also take our age recommendations in to account when deciding what adventure option is most appropriate for your group. 
  • How long do the courses take?
    On average a course takes 30 minutes to complete. On average each adventure option takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours to complete, including preparation time and allowing for breaks. During busy periods courses can take longer to complete than the advised duration time.
  • Will there be a guide with me at all times?
    Before you begin climbing you are taken through a 15-20 minute safety demonstration led by a Tree Adventures instructor, giving you an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the safety equipment. From this point on you continue unguided, however there are Tree Adventures instructors stationed throughout the forest should you need any assistance or have any questions. 
  • Is there a time limit?
    While we encourage you to take your time on the activities, and stop for breaks as needed, there is a certain limit to the length of your climb. We do not actively enforce time limits, but in some case when it is taking an extended period to complete the courses you may be required stop for reasons such as other participants needing your safety equipment, or reaching closing time.
  • Can our group complete different course options?
    Yes, it is not a problem if your group would like to split over different adventure options as long as all climbers under 16 have appropriate adult supervision. Supervision ratios are as follows:

    Climbers 5 and 6 years    1 participating adult for every 2 children.
    Climbers 7 to 12 years       1 adult (participation may be required) for every 6 children. 
    Climbers 13 to 15 years 1 adult (participation not required) for every 8 children. 
    Climbers 16 years and over    Direct supervision not required.


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