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Adventure Information

  • What exactly is a Tree Adventures course?
    Tree Adventures is a forest adventure park offering 10 individual high wire confidence courses that are organised into difference adventure options. Each course starts with a ladder that leads you to the first platform. From there you progress from tree to tree on a series of aerial activities, including high wires, swinging logs, balance beams, tree surfing and more! 
    Each activity is designed to test your balance while building confidence, and of course ensuring that everyone has lots of fun. Once you have completed all of the activities on the course you are rewarded with an exhilarating flying fox ride back to the ground. For more information on the various activities on offer at Tree Adventures take a look at our photo gallery.
  • What is an adventure option?
    All of our adventure options, with the exception of Tree Huggin', include four courses. Each option starts at a progressively higher and more challenging courses. One adventure option is an average of 2.5 hours.
  • Who can climb?
    Tree Adventures is suitable for anyone 5 years+ looking for a fun, challenging and rewarding, highflying experience (as long as they meet the minimum height requirement). There is no upper age limit, and all courses are suitable for adults. 
  • Adventure Option Minimum height requirement
    Tree Huggin’  1.1m
    Monkey’n Around  1.2m
    Branching Out    1.3m
    High Flyer  1.4m
    Tarzan’s Test  1.5m

    If you’re still unsure what adventure option would be most suitable for your group Tree Adventures staff have created the following recommendations: 

    Adventure Option Recommended Age
     Tree Huggin’ 5 yrs + (Minimum)
     Monkey’n Around  7 yrs+ 
     Branching Out 9 yrs +
     High Flyer 12 yrs +
     Tarzan’s Test 14 yrs +
    PLEASE NOTE: While the minimum height requirements ultimately determine what adventure option is suitable for your group we also take our age recommendations into account when deciding what adventure option is most appropriate. Tree Adventures Staff have the final say on what courses are appropriate.
  • How long do the courses take?
    On average a course takes 30 minutes to complete. Including preparation time and allowing for breaks each adventure option of four courses takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete. During busy periods courses can take longer to complete than the advised time.
  • Will there be a guide with me at all times?
    Before you begin climbing you are taken through a 15-20 minute safety demonstration led by a Tree Adventures instructor, giving you an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the safety equipment. From this point on you continue unguided, however there are Tree Adventures instructors stationed throughout the forest should you need any assistance or have any questions. 
  • Is there a time limit?
    While we encourage you to take your time on the activities, and stop for breaks as needed you cannot keep climbing for as long as you want to. We do not actively enforce time limits, but in some cases when it is taking over 3 hours to complete your adventure option you may be required to stop for reasons such as other participants needing your safety equipment, or reaching closing time.
  • Is there a weight limit?
    There is a weight limit of 130kgs for all Tree Adventures Courses. We have a range of different harness sizes available, with larger harnesses to ensure comfort for larger climbers.  
  • What if I'm pregnant?
    Unfortunately due to safety risks anyone who is pregnant is unable to participate.
  • Can our group complete different adventure options?
    Yes, it is not a problem if your group would like to split over different adventure options as long as all climbers under 16 have appropriate adult supervision. Supervision ratios are as follows:

    Climbers 5 and 6 years 1 participating adult for every 2 children.
    Climbers 7 to 12 years 1 adult (participation may be required) for every 6 children. 
    Climbers 13 to 15 years 1 adult (participation not required) for every 8 children. 
    Climbers 16 years and over    Direct supervision not required.
  • Can I buy courses individually?
    Unfortunately other than our Tree Huggin’ option (Course 1) the courses cannot be purchased individually. All other adventure options offer you a selection of four courses. Click here for more information on adventure options. 
  • Can I get down at any time?
    Yes, if at any time you encounter difficulty or feel like you can’t continue climbing in the trees our specially trained rescue instructors are on hand to assist you and lower you to the ground if necessary. 
  • Can spectators watch me climb from the ground?
    Yes spectators are more than welcome to follow you from the ground as you progress through the activities. There are pathways throughout the park, as well as picnic areas, so everyone is welcome.

Booking Information

  • How much does it cost?
    The cost per person depends on what adventure options the climbers in your group would like to complete. For a breakdown of the adventure options and their respective prices, click to view our pricing page.

    Discounted rates are available for school groups and community groups, please give us a call on 0800 TARZAN (827926) or send us an email for more information. 
  • Do I need to book?
    Bookings are essential and should be made well in advance to avoid disappointment. Our weekends are especially busy and can often book out. To ensure your preferred date and time are available please make sure you book in as soon as possible. You can book online via our booking system by click the "Book Now" button in the top-right corner (it’s quick and easy!), or alternatively you can contact us on 0800 TARZAN (827 926).

    We require a minimum of 6 climbers for a weekday booking (WINTER ONLY - 10 people minimum at all other times). Bookings of less than 6 people may be considered, so please don't hesitate to contact us to check availability.

    When you have a booking in place it is important you aim to arrive on time. If you are running late please call us on 0800 TARZAN (827926) to avoid missing out on your climb.
  • Pre Paid Vouchers 
    If you have a pre-paid voucher (gift voucher) or complimentary voucher, please call us on 0800 TARZAN (827926) to book in. As well as our own Tree Adventures vouchers we currently accept vouchers from the following companies 
  • Discount Vouchers 
    If you have a discount voucher please proceed with your booking as normal, any discounts will be applied to your booking once you have reached the park and presented your discount voucher. 

    Please Note: Tree Adventures discount vouchers cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other Tree Adventures voucher or special offer.

Amendments & Cancellations

  • Change of date or time
    Should you need to amend your booking we will do our best to accommodate you at a new time. Any cancellations or amendments to your booking must be called through to us 24 hours prior to your booking on 0800 TARZAN (827 926) or a cancellation fee may be incurred. For more information please see our booking terms and conditions.
  • Change of adventure option
    There is no need to contact us if you feel you have chosen the incorrect adventure option for your group or would like to change your adventure option. This is easily changed at check-in so there is no need to worry. 
  • Change of group size
    You must inform us of any changes to your group number. Should you arrive at the park with fewer climbers than the number booked a non-arrival fee may be incurred. Please see our terms and conditions for more information on group amendments. 
  • Can I cancel my booking?
    If you cancel up to 24 hours before your reservation you will be refunded your deposit. If you cancel less than 24 hours prior to your reservation or simply fail to show up you will not be eligible for a refund of your deposit. We are open rain or shine, so if you wish to cancel due to the weather please call us on 0800 TARZAN (827 926) to discuss your options. For more information please see our booking terms and conditions

Get Prepared

  • What do I need to bring with me?
    To reduce your check in time at the park we recommend you print off and bring completed disclaimer forms for your group (please see your booking confirmation for more information.) We recommend your bring plenty of refreshments and dress suitably for the forecasted weather. 
  • What should I wear?
    We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting a little grubby. Closed in shoes are required, no jandals or sandals are allowed. We recommend not wearing shorter shorts or having an exposed midriff as this can be uncomfortable when wearing a harness. Hair shoulder length or longer must be tied up to minimise the risk of it becoming caught. Hair needs to be tied as low as possible so that a helmet can be fitted properly. A helmet must also be able to be fitted over any religious headwear.
    Please dress appropriately for the forecasted weather, a light waterproof jacket is recommended when rain is forecast. Unfortunately there are no changing room facilities at the park so please ensure you arrive in appropriate attire.

    All necessary safety equipment is provided by Tree Adventures, please do not bring your own gear. You are welcome to wear gloves while undertaking the activities, we recommend fingerless bicycle gloves. 
  • Are there refreshments available at the park?
    We currently have water available, as well as a selection of Whittakers chocolate bars. The Mountain Bike Park next door has a small coffee shop, but otherwise there are no stores or cafés in Woodhill Forest, so please bring your own refreshments.
  • What happens in bad weather?
    Tree Adventures is a unique all weather activity. The park is open in all weather conditions except when extreme rain, wind or lightning causes operation to become unsafe. A light waterproof jacket is advised when rain is forecast, however the forest canopy provides fairly good shelter from light to moderate rain. For more information on cancellations due to weather please see our booking terms and conditions
  • What can I expect from my visit to Tree Adventures?
    Upon your arrival you will be greeted by our staff and asked for your booking information. You will then be required to read and complete our disclaimer form, or submit a completed form if you have filled one out at home (please note: completing the disclaimer form prior to your arrival will save you time on the day.)

    You will then be required to pay the remaining balance for your booking. We accept cash, eftpos, visa, mastercard, amex and cheque. Once payment is completed everyone will receive a wristband, signifying your selected adventure option, and that you have completed check-in. 

    Safety Equipment Fitting
    All climbers will be fitted with a harness and helmet by our staff. Once this is completed they will be asked to read the park safety rules. 

    Safety Demonstration
    Our staff will lead your group through a 10 to 15 minute safety demonstration, then all climbers are required to familiarise themselves with our equipment on our practice course. Please note: you may be required to complete the safety demonstration with other customers. 

    The duration of your climb will depend on the adventure option you have selected, please see Adventure Options for more info. Please note: you may only complete each course once. 

    You are welcome to take breaks during your visit. At the end of each course the climbers arrive back to the ground via a flying fox, so it is not disruptive to their course progression to break for lunch or a snack. 

    Course Completion and Equipment Return 
    Upon completion of your adventure option everyone will be asked to return their safety gear and our staff will be on hand should they need any assistance.


  • Do I need to supervise the children in my group?
    Anyone under the age of 16 years is required to have active adult supervision in the park at all times. Supervision ratios are as follows:

    Climbers 5 to 6 years 1 participating adult for every 2 children.  
    Climbers 7 to 12 years 1 adult (participation may be required) for every 6 children. 
    Climbers 13 to 15 years 1 adult (participation not required) for every 8 children. 
    Climbers 16 years and over   Active supervision not required.

    If the climbers in your group are going to be split over different adventure options it is important you have appropriate supervision. It is impossible to supervise two groups at once so please ensure you plan accordingly. If children are left unattended at any time they will be removed from the activities for their safety. 
  • Is it safe?
    Yes, Tree Adventures have taken all the necessary steps to ensure our activities are safe, as long as you stick to the park safety rules. However, Tree Adventures aerial courses are physically demanding at times and therefore there is a possible risk of injury when undertaking such activities.

    All participants must undertake a safety briefing with an instructor before they begin. This establishes the correct safety methods and gives you the opportunity to practise before you make your way onto the courses. Participants are responsible for keeping themselves attached to the safety system at all times. Instructors are stationed throughout the park to supervise from the ground and are able to assist whenever necessary. 
  • Is it safe to climb in the rain?
    Yes, Tree Adventures is an excellent wet weather activity. A light waterproof jacket is advised when it’s raining, however the forest canopy provides fairly goods shelter from light to moderate rain. Light to moderate rain does not affect the safety of our courses, or equipment. During periods of heavy rain or high winds climbing may be suspended. If you have any concerns about the weather on the day of your booking please call us on 0800 TARZAN (827926) to discuss. 
  • Do I need to be fit?
    While you don’t need to be Tarzan to give Tree Adventures a go a certain degree of fitness and strength is required to negotiate some of the activities. If you have any doubts as to whether you are fit enough to participate, come on out to the park and check out the courses before you book. There is a maximum weight limit of 130kgs for all activities.


  • Toilets
    Unfortunately due to a lack of power and running water in Woodhill Forest we are restricted to the use of port-a-loos. However they are emptied and cleaned twice a week, and Tree Adventures staff inspect and clean the toilets throughout the day. 
  • Hand Washing
    We have a hand washing station at the park available to all customers to freshen up after your climb. 
  • Picnic area / Shelter hire
    We have plenty of large picnic tables situated in the park that all customers are more than welcome to use. We can also offer your group protection from the scorching sun or persistent rain, with several small (3m x 3m) canopies available for hire. Shelters only cost $10 to hire and are available on request so please call us on 0800 TARZAN (827926) or email us at [email protected] to reserve one during your visit. PLEASE NOTE: We no longer offer Barbecue hire at the park.
  • Refreshments
    We have bottled NZ spring water available, as well as a selection of Whittakers chocolate bars, Go Nutz corn chips and Health Discovery super food bars. 


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