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Park Information

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Quick Facts

  • 5 exciting adventure options
  • 10 courses ranging from 3m to 14m above the ground 
  • Over 110 high-wire activities
  • 18 flying foxes totalling 900m 
  • Up to 3 hours of thrills, laughter and adventure
  • Suitable for all ages and ability levels 
  • Only 35 minutes drive from Auckland City
  • Build confidence and improve balance

Opening Hours

  • Weekend, School Holiday and Public Holiday Opening Hours
    During the summer period (October to April) we are open from 9:30am to 5:30pm, with last entry at 3:00pm.
    During the winter period (May to September) we are open from 10:00am to 5:00pm, with last entry at 2:00pm.
    During weekends, school holidays and public holidays there is no minimum group size requirement, however a confirmed booking is essential to guarantee entry.
    PLEASE NOTE: We are closed for Christmas on the 25th and 26th of December, as well as over the New Year from the 30th of December through to the 2rd of January, re-opening on January 3rd.

  • Weekday Opening Hours
    During the week (Monday-Friday) we are open by appointment only. We require at least 24 hours notice to secure a booking, and a minimum of 6 climbers is required per group (WINTER ONLY - 10 people minimum at all other times), unless it is during school holidays or a public holiday. Our operating hours are determined by the bookings we have in place and we are therefore not always open. It is essential to book prior to visiting the park during the week. If you have fewer than 6 climbers we may be able to accommodate you by aligning your group with an existing booking so please call us on 0800 TARZAN (827926) to discuss availability.

  • Twilight Climbs – Available October-March only
    For those unable to make it to the park before 3pm we now offer our special twilight climbs with start times available between 3:30pm and 6:00pm, depending on the time of year and when it gets dark. A twilight climb is perfect for team building or social club events after work, or birthday parties after school.

    Twilight climbs are available Monday - Thursday and require a minimum of 10 people for a booking. The cost is $50 per person and includes an adventure option of your choice. Twilight climbs are only available on request, so please contact us to confirm a booking.

  • Night Climbs – Available April-September only
    For a truly unique Tree Adventures experience we also offer special night climbs. Night climbs are available Monday-Thursday and require a minimum of 10 people for a booking. Start times are seasonal as they are determined by the scheduled sunset time for the day.

    The cost is $60 per person, this covers all necessary safety equipment, including headlamps, as well as a selection of 4 courses. To make the evening even more exceptional you will have exclusive use of the park with Tree Adventures staff guiding you through the treetops. Night climbs are only available on request, so please contact us to confirm a booking.


  • Toilets
    Unfortunately due to a lack of power and running water in Woodhill Forest we are restricted to the use of port-a-loos. Tree Adventures staff inspect and clean the toilets throughout the day.
  • Hand washing
    We have a hand washing station at the park available to all customers to freshen up after your climb.
  • Picnic area / Shelter hire
    We have plenty of large picnic tables situated in the park that all customers are more than welcome to use. We can also offer your group protection from the scorching sun or persistent rain, with several small (3m x 3m) canopies available for hire. Shelters only cost $10 to hire and are available on request so please call us on 0800 TARZAN (827926) or email us at [email protected] to reserve one during your visit. PLEASE NOTE: We no longer offer Barbecue hire at the park.
  • Snacks
    We have bottled NZ spring water available, a selection of Whittaker’s chocolate bars, Gonutz corn chips, and health bars.   


  • Safety equipment
    All participants wear a fitted harness (complete with Clic-it 'smart belay system' and pulley) and a helmet. Your harness and carabiners keep you attached to the safety system at all times, this means that if you slip, your harness will catch you to prevent a fall. 
  • Safety training
    Every participant must complete a brief safety training session before starting the courses. This involves a demonstration introducing participants to the equipment and safety system. Once you have practised, and the instructor is confident that you are ready to go, you will continue around the courses on your own. 
  • Supervision
    One of the great things about Tree Adventures is that you can make your way around the courses independently and be confident knowing that instructors patrolling from the ground are there to offer quick assistance if you happen to get stuck or wish to come down. Our supervising instructors are kitted out with specialist equipment and fully trained to perform rescues.

    All climbers under 16 years must be directly supervised by an adult at all times. Supervision ratios are as follows:

    Climbers 5 and 6 years 1 participating adult for every 2 children
    Climbers 7 to 12 years 1 adult (participation may be required) for every 6 children
    Climbers 13 to 15 years 1 adult (participation not required) for every 8 children
    Climbers 16 years and over       Direct supervision not required


  • Deeply rooted and well established activity
    The forest adventure park concept was first conceived in France and has boomed in recent years with over 500 parks throughout France, and increasing popularity worldwide. Woodhill’s Tree Adventure Park is the brainchild of six French enthusiasts with a wealth of experience working in and building parks throughout France. They researched forests worldwide in the hunt for a new and interesting place to introduce the forest adventure concept and they finally chose the Woodhill Forest in New Zealand for its natural beauty and the adventurous nature of Kiwi culture. Tree Adventures was the first adventure park of its kind to open in New Zealand, and has been operating since December 2004.

Environmental Statement

  • A special place for everyone
    Tree Adventures is an environmentally friendly park built with the long-term health of the forest in mind. A professional arborist carefully selected the trees on which to build, and ongoing assessments monitor their structural integrity and health. Our structures are designed to avoid damaging the trees and allow them to continue growing naturally.

    Tree Adventures staff monitor the courses daily and perform thorough checks on a regular basis. A specialist independent company also performs an annual course audit to ensure safety.

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